In pursuit of a life well-lived

The canvas unfolds for Forbes Estates Lipa on April 2, 2022 at 3PM.

Discover how every parcel in the suburban respite artfully blends traditional and modern markers of luxury in the virtual premier launch.

Forbes Estates Lipa Open House_edited.jpg

Forbes Estates Virtual Premier Launch

With our roster of tastemakers, guests, and speakers, explore the exceptionally-designed estates and be enchanted with the thoughtful Lipa lifestyle it provides.


Beyond dynamic conversations about the Robinsons Land luxury development, curated prizes can also be yours when you make a reservation for your piece of solace in the estate.

Exclusive Open House Discounts

3.5 %

Additional Discount on the next 22 Buyers


Additional Discount on Repeat Buyers

3 %

Additional Discount on  Buyers April 2,2022  account booking date 

2 %

Additional Discount on each lot for 4 or more Lots availed

Additional Discount on  Buyers account booking date 


April 4,2022-   2%

April 5,2022- 1.5%

April 6, 2022- 1%

April 7,2022- .5%  

Additional Discount on 

Bulk Sale Buyer 


2 Lots-   1% each lot

3 Lots- 1.5% each lot


Mode of Reservation