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Dining & Retail

CASA MARIKIT 15 min. drive | 9.2 km

A cinematically-lit Italian restaurant surrounded by an abundance of greenery,  the perfect retreat highlighting the best of suburban solace.

ROBINSONS PLACE LIPA 10 min. drive | 4.4 km

An integral part of the Lipeño  lifestyle that offers a complete  shopping and dining experience  from weekend runs for everyday  essentials to whimsical moments of  retail therapy.

SAFFRON PRIVATE DINING 13 min. drive | 6.0 km

The Lipa hidden gem serves up an  exquisite tasting menu of regional  Spanish fare, transporting you to the  glistening Mediterranean.

M E R C A D O DE LIPA 12 min. drive | 4.8 km

Resting on 2.3 hectares of lush Lipa  land, it radiates an unparalleled  sense of community with its selection  of locally sourced goods.

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Local Luxuries  of Lipa 

In Lipa, the low-key delights of provincial living combine with  the sophistication of the city  to create novel experiences of luxury. We have curated a  list of world-class destinations  and charming outposts of  opportunity—all within minutes  from the enclave.

San Benito_edited.jpg
San Benito_edited.jpg

Wellness & Hospitality

THE FARM AT SAN BENITO 32 min. drive | 11.4 km. Best known for their holistic approach to health, this multi-awarded eco-  luxury holistic medical wellness resort offers a myriad of evidence-based wellness programs that target your physical, mental,  emotional and spiritual well-being.


HOTEL 1925 8 min. drive | 2.6 km A blend of local Lipa charm and Spanish colonial glamor—step  foot in the 1880s, when Lipa was the center of coffee in the world.

THE SUITES AT MOUNT MALARAYAT 11min. drive | 4.0 km. A sanctuary for golfers and the  ideal setting for residents looking  for a quick breather, it offers exceptional panoramic views.

Sport & Recreation

M O U N T MA L AR AYAT GOLF & C OUNTRY CLUB 11min. drive | 4.0 km. A stone’s throw away from the estate, Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club  rests on a sprawling 185 hectares of land and offers a championship 27-hole  all-weather course, widely recognized as one of the best in the country.

LEVISTE EQUESTRIAN PARK 4 min. drive | 950 m

Founded by former Philippine  Olympic Equestrienne Toni  Leviste, Leviste Equestrian Park  is built on 10 hectares of land. A neighborhood delight, residents  can enjoy rides & grooming services for their noble steeds.

ABOITIZ PITCH 11min. drive | 4.0 km.

A dream for residents with an  affinity for football, Aboitiz  Pitch is a sprawling 106 meter  by 92 meter football field with  a seating capacity of over  1500 people.

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Farms & Distillery

CAFE DE LIPA 11min. drive | 4.2 km

Dating as far back as 1740, Cafe De Lipa has established  itself as an institution within the Lipa landscape, standing  as the locals' go-to for world-class coffee.

THE OLD GROVE  AT FARMSTEAD 21 min. drive | 7.3 km

A subtle touch of Southern charm  entrances all who find their way  to The Old Grove at Farmstead. The perfect marriage of home  and holiday, the farm-style venue  accommodates overnight stays for residents in need of a little vacation.

LAKAN DISTILLERY 19 min. drive | 10.2 km

Weekends spent entertaining guests  come with ease when you have an  internationally awarded distiller of lambanog next door. Lakan, a  traditional distillery, offers farm tours, and private tasting services.

MILEA BEE FARM 30 min. drive | 16.9 km

Whether it’s their vanilla planting  workshops or their all-natural  products made from their homegrown  honey, Milea Bee Farm is one of Lipa’s  most celebrated destinations, suited  for residents invested in all things  holistic and wellness.

Heritage of Lipa

SAN SEBASTIAN CATHEDRAL 22 min. drive | 4.6km Having set down roots in the community as far back as 1605, the Cathedral  of San Sebastian continues to watch over the city’s growth and progress  over time as it consistently develops and modernizes through the times.


CASA DE SEGUNDA 16 min. drive | 5.8 km

Take in some culture at one of the  oldest houses in Lipa. Casa de  Segunda was built in the 1880s  when the city was coined “The  Little Rome of the Philippines”.

OUR LADY OF M O U N T  CARMEL C H U R CH 20 min. drive | 6.5 km Spend your Sundays at Our Lady  of Mount Carmel; known for the  church’s miraculous events, it has  been a notable landmark not only  for locals but for people all over  the country.

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Culture & Commerce

Heralding Lipa as a 'new wave city' in the South. Sitting unobtrusively among the lush landscape of Batangas  is the new seat of commerce south of Manila. Having grown into an industrial powerhouse, Lipa is home to  global enterprises, generating a competitive workforce  and investment opportunities brought on by the surge of infrastructure linking several suburban settings to the metro.


Similar to France’s Sophia  Antipolis, Lipa has taken  inspiration and created clusters  of buildings that respect the  greenery where it stands.


From being a famous producer  of liberica bean to the source of the fresh produce,  award-winning lambanog, to even raw honey, Lipa is  perfectly positioned for being  a community blessed with agricultural wealth.

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