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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are cable TV, internet, and land phone available?

Yes, there will be a provision for the above-mentioned services. These connections will depend on

the company if they will place a facility in the subdivision. Several factors are taken into consideration.

What is the coverage of the miscellaneous fee?

MF of lot generally covers: Property-related taxes, documentation, processing/transfer fees,

administrative and handling fees

How long before the title is released?

Processing of title transfer takes 24 months on the average, barring unforeseen circumstances

which will commence after full payment of TSP, MF and other charges, completion of documentation

and acceptance of documents by the government agencies.

Why will it take you an average of 24 months to transfer the title?

Title transfer is a tedious process considering that we deal with different government agencies

concerned, which is already beyond our control. (Bureau of Internal Revenue, Municipal/City

Treasurer’s Office, Register of Deeds, Municipal/City Assessors Office)

How much are the HOA dues?

It is approximately P15 – P30 per square meter. Upon its eventual turn-over to HOA, the rates

may increase or decrease depending on the operational expenses of the subdivision. HOA dues will

be collected already upon creation of HOA.

When will it be turned-over?

Forbes Estates Turn over Timeline

Phase 1 lots- 4th quarter 2023

Forbes Club and Forbes Park- 2nd Quarter of 2024

Veranda (Shopping Center)- 4th Quarter of 2025

Estate Gallery at the Estate Park-3rd Quarter of 2023

Phase 2 Lots- 4th Quarter of 2025 

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