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In Pursuit of A Life Well-Lived

We develop land.  

But we are in the  business of taste.

With premier collaborations such as Aurelia Residences with Shang Properties, Velaris Residences with Hongkong Land, and  The Residences at The Westin Manila Sonata Place in partnership with Marriott International,  Robinsons Land continues to build its repertoire of  world-class luxury real estate developments with  Forbes Estates Lipa.


Frontiers of privacy

Residents are ushered by a parade of trees as they drive  into the estate. The main entrance is thoughtfully stretched  out with a generous distance of 250 meters from the main road to preserve exclusivity and privacy—consistent with the allure of seclusion.

Manila to Forbes Estates Lipa Map_edited.jpg
Forbes Estates Vicinity Map.jpg

An accessible  suburban solace

Forbes Estates Lipa has direct access to major  thoroughfares and highways leading to Manila  and major commercial hubs in South Luzon

Scale model.jpg

Estate by the Numbers

21 Hectares

312 meters


1 Hectare

 3,798 sqm


500 sqm


Total Land Area

Above sea level

open space through out
the estate


Estate Park

Parcels of Lots

Average Lot Size

lots per hectare

Forbes Lots Map Category.jpg
Lot Category_edited.jpg
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